Hacking Site Guides

All throughout New Eden, you can probe down a variety of hacking sites, each with their own types of dangers and rewards:

  • Pirate Faction Data and Relic Sites
  • Chemical Labs
  • Ghost Sites
  • Sleeper Caches

Hacking Site Ship Fits

Emblem for hacking site ship fits

Find fits for running a variety of hacking sites, from cheap Tech 1 exploration frigates for Alpha pilots, to fits suitable for sleeper cache sites:

  • Tech 1 Exploration Ships: Magnate, Heron, Imicus, and Probe
  • Tech 2 Covert Ops Ships: Anathema, Buzzard, Helios, and Cheetah
  • Sisters of Eve Exploration Ships: Astero and Stratios

Pirate Faction Data and Relic Sites

Pirate faction data and relic sites feature hackable containers that drop various types of materials used to manufacture modules and rigs. Each pirate faction offers its own subset of materials.

This series introduces hacking site exploration to new and young players, provides loot statistics for high-security pirate faction data and relic sites, and discusses tactics for exploring solo in dangerous space.

Icon depicting a data site container
Part 3 - Data Sites
Icon depicting a cloaked ship
Part 4 - Dangerous Space
(Coming Soon)