Game Development

I'm an aspiring independent game developer, still learning about the tools of the trade. I currently build my games largely from scratch in C++, using the cross-platform SFML library to handle windows, graphics, and sound.

Beginning in August of 2021, my focus for the next year will be to learn how to build custom game engines, in order to gain a better understanding of the architecture and design needed for game loops, animation, and user interfaces. I'll be keeping the scale of my games relatively small and manageable, until I'm feeling ready to take the next step into a more grand world-building adventure I can call my own...

This is where you'll find updates for the games I'm currently developing, along with a variety of guides related to the tools and frameworks I use to build my games. Check out my game development blog on Medium, or my video guides on Youtube!

The Colon Case

The Colon Case will be a detective game set in the modern day, but with a slight film noir vibe. Explore the crime scene and a variety of other locales, talk to potential suspects, and solve the most bizarre crime of your career.

This will be my second game developing with C++ and SFML, and will introduce the use of the Tiled map editor to build the game world. I'm also making use of Moviestorm to create the character animations.

Developing this game will give me the opportunity to build a more complete user interface, handle frame-based animation, and manage a complex game state. I look at this as a major stepping stone to being able to build future world-building games.

A first look on Youtube. This short video discusses how I'm building my tileset graphics, and provides a quick glimpse of some very early gameplay.

The Garden of Eating

Play as the mischievous snake from the Garden of Eating, as you try to escape Adam's gambit. Story mode offers nine mazes of increasing difficulty, with a variety of fruits and vegetables that have different effects. Or play the quick mode with a variety of gameplay options, from field size to snake speed.

The Garden of Eating was my first game developing with C++ and SFML. The mazes in the story mode were hand-crafted in Notepad++. All music is by Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech.

Official Page on

Gameplay Trailer on Youtube.